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That Old Roof

Published / by Suzi

Why Replace When You Can Repair

Urel-A-SilYou can eliminate costly roof tear-offs, lengthy roof repairs, and leaks once and for all. This coating can stretch as the substrate warms and cools, eliminates leaks, and withstands weather abuses. In most cases, we can install a system over your existing damaged roof with little repair. The results will be a roof that is better than new and that’s with half the cost of a tear off.

Cool Roof Technology

ENERGY STAR® compliant Met-A-Gard and Ure-A-Sil cool roof technologies were designed to restore and waterproof virtually any roofing system. Regardless of the system you need, both these fluid applied roofing systems when installed provide these great bene­fits:

  • Added Durability
  • Environmentally Friendly (No Land­fill)
  • UV Stability
  • Watertight Seal
  • Cooler Building Interior
  • Silicone is Unaffected by UV
  • Energy Cost Savings
  • Business As Usual
  • Tax Deduction First Year
  • Long-Term Warranty Option

Your Current Roof Can Be Repaired

We find commercial property infested mold caused by a deteriorated leaking roofing.  Many building owners in this situation were not aware of their current leaking roofing­ system could be restored as opposed to replaced?  Restoring the current roof costs about half of tearing off‑ and replacing that same old roof. Now, these owners will also bear the cost of removing the mold and the roof repair.

Repair Is Environmentally Friendly

We all are working towards being environmentally friendly, so why needlessly ­fill up a landfill with your old roofing system? THINK GREEN with these sustainable restoration systems. Each of these durable systems is built on the strengths of their individual components and each addresses needs specifi­c to the existing roof system. ENERGY STAR® compliant roof systems reflect the sun’s heat and reduce the amount of energy needed to maintain indoor temperature. Choosing ENERGY STAR roof products to help you save on energy cost, while also helping the environment. Products that earn the ENERGY STAR prevent greenhouse gas emissions by meeting strict energy efficiency guidelines set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy